Dirk Bobbins
Played By
Homo Superior
Age 29
Alignment Creepy
Affiliation Civilian
Short Powers Low Level healing and Bringing things back to life. No Meat Puzzles Please.
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He's the guy who brings you back from the dead, and in the process encourages you not to do it again.


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Dirk was not a happy child.

Dirk was not a happy teenager.

Dirk was not a happy adult.

Hell, Dirk never had a moment of happiness with his family that he
knows of. His father a doctor and his mother a lawyer, there was never
want of money in the Bobbins family. However there was want of
attention for the only child who often found himself being watched
over by the nanny. A rather old one who slept all the time and really
didn't do much except keep one of the chairs warm while hs parents
were away. Even when his mom and dad were home they rarely did
anything with him, often brushing him off when he would seek their
time. As a result, all he could do to keep him company was reading.
His very first book was one on anatomy, the second, criminal law. And
he had no clue what the hell they were about. Until the third time

He wasn't a dumb child. On the contrary he was quite intelligent book
wise. Not so much social wise as he had grown weary with interacting
with others. If his parents couldn't stand him, why would others?
Despite that idea, he was quite lonely. Extremely lonely. So lonely
that he didn't even wonder why the hell the nanny was still in his
parents employ when he was very much old enough to care for himself.
She at least would look his way. Not say much as that would require
the energy she did not have but she looked at him at least.

The story of his family. Parents so busy they don't even notice that
they have a nanny watching over a 15 year old kid.

One day Dirk came home and found the nanny not looking at him. No, she
was looking at the wall. Upon closer inspection he realized that she
had a heart attack . Panicking he called 911 and as he waited for
them, realized she had no pulse, nor was she breathing, the panic
deepened. The only person he knew that was aware of his existence was
leaving him! Perhaps fueled by this panic, his ablity manifested then.
The nanny lived, and oddly enough the doctors said her heart didn't
show any flaws upon a closer look. The call was written up as a bad
case of heart burn combined with an old person stare being mistaken
for the heart attack.

Other than that, highschool was rather uneventful barring the
occasional nanny-jumpstart. Dirk graduated top of his class and opted
to go to medical school. Finding he had a lousy bedside manner, he
eventually ended up working with patients who wouldn't care. The ones
who landed in the morgue. They were nice. Never hushed him when he
wanted to talk, wouldn't walk away, just simply stayed there. Ah, it
was the life. He didn't even care when his mom passed away, nor did he
care when his father keeled over as well, leaving him a portion of
their estate with the rest of it being donated to a gerbil rescue
society. (He did mind a little when the nanny couldn't be jumpstarted
anymore though.)

But eventually, you get tired of just hearing your voice. And the
glassy stare you can get from opening the eyelids wasn't cutting it
either. And so from time to time, when he figured no one would notice
a missing body, or when he could pass it off as a really lousy
diagnosis on the doctor who sent the body to the morgue, or the
remains would be cremated anyways and he could make arrangements to
have the crematorium switch out the ashes, he would bring one back to

And such was the start of his family. At first he'd simply wave them
goodbye and ask that they visit once in awhile to chat. But as time
went on, he grew tired of that as well and along with the normal group
of friends, he picked a few to keep as his own. His new family. And
he's still adding.

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