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This house has been the subject of recent renovations, both in cleaning and in actual form. The wooden floor and walls have been redone, and the floor has become nicely polished and finished. The ground floor is mostly plain, and some might even call it cozy. The ratty old carpets have been replaced with new ones that sit in each room, and all of the furniture seems to be recently purchased. Of the rooms that still exist on this floor, the kitchen has been cleaned and redone, and the table replaced with a larger, nicer one. A low, open wall leads out to the living room, and the bathroom has been enlarged to accommodate an entire bath and shower set, removing its previously cramped state. The stairs leading up to the second floor's landing have been reinforced and neatened up, and they no longer look like they might break at any second. Scattered around the first floor are various pieces of Red Sox memorabilia, though it doesn't look like anything too obsessive.

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Second Floor The second floor is a little more cluttered than the first floor, and it consists of two rooms in total. The main room seems to be like one massive living room, though the old furniture has been moved out and a new, matching set has been moved in. A wide-screen TV is seated up against the far wall atop a large bookcase, and the rest of the bookcase is home to a great deal of Red Sox and baseball paraphernalia, bordering on the excessive at this point. There are three couches in front of the TV to make a sort of U-shape, and the carpet underneath all of them is of a thick, plushy red pile. Red Sox red, of course. The only remaining room is a bedroom, the door in the back of this one. Stairs continue up to the roof, hitting a door just before reaching u
Rooftop The docks don't have a great view most of the time, but this house is an exception - it looks out onto the water, and it can get quite peaceful up here since it's far enough away from the street to grant an open look at the sky. Reclining lawn chairs and a few plastic tables are always up here unless the weather is poor, and there's a large metal box shoved off to the side near the railing that has a simple padlock on it. The roof isn't really that crowded at all, with the exception of the furniture and the small shed-like structure that houses the doorway leading back downstairs. u,r
Bedroom Bats. Lots and lots of bats. A king-sized bed has been stuffed into this fairly small room, and two of the walls have been covered in batracks and bats. The open spaces left on the remaining far wall that isn't taken up by the bed is covered in Red Sox posters, ranging from players to current league standings to the dates of the scheduled games. A fluffy carpet is tossed underneath everything, wall-to-wall, and there's a low dresser against the wall with the door, holding clothes and other miscellaneous things like watches and rings. Atop it is also a new 24" TV, and bets as to where the remote is could lead to anything. A framed picture is also set on top of the dresser, depicting a short blond boy with a big smile. u,b
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