Club Wannabes

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Welcome to Club Wannabes, where anyone can be a powerful, dangerous mutant. Or at least look like one. The crowd is thick, full of people dressed in crazy costumes, bodies moving to the beat of the heavy, fast paced music. The dance floor is in the center of the club, with table and velvet covered booths surrounding the edges and dominating the second floor.

Locations within

Local name Description Nav Command
Wannabes - VIP Room To be admitted down the obscure stairs, to be allowed to venture below the ground level of Club Wannabes, you're either on a list somewhere, you're recognizable, or you're somewhere you very likely shouldn't be. Beyond the blocky bouncer who can't appear to crack a smile through his hard demeanor, lush crimson carpet flows underfoot in the opulent room. An elegant mahogany bar lines one wall while the privacy of velvet upholstered booths line another, tables interspersed between. Waiters and waitresses are prompt, ready to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to whatever the patrons' dealings. The VIP room is a place of decadence, a retreat of splendor and also neutrality - this latter aspect being firmly upheld by management as the denizens of this haven tend towards the more villainous sort. There will be no common riff-raff found here, nor any do-gooders to thwart master plans. down
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