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The entire first two floors of the Avalon tower have been given over to the Chrystal Nightclub, and it is a sight to behold. From the main entrance, one's first view is a staggering display of architectural wonder and artistic beauty. The floor is pristine white marble, with deep azure blue carpeting edging the walls and forming the pathways around the central display - always a brand new and perfect ice sculpture every night on a central, well-lit and refrigerated pedestal - the name is Chrystal, after all. Hosts and hostesses here gladly take coats, jackets, umbrellas and the like and offer claim tickets before taking them away to the two large cloak closets that flank this entrance. Just beyond the gleaming pedestal and it's icy display of wonder lies the broad and high - over twenty feet high - archway through which lies the pulsing, pounding beat of the main dance floor and the most common area of the club. One carpeted pathway leads off to the left along the white marble hallway and comes to a halt at double-hung mahogany doors with gleaming gold appointments. The plaque upon that door in flowing script declares this to be Chrystal Lounge. The two guards standing on either side of those doors somewhat impassively, and the more genteel efforts of the hosts and hostesses in the lobby, discourage all attempts to visit the lounge except by those invited to do so. The other carpeted pathway leads off to the right in a similar white marble hallway and comes to a halt at another pair of double-hung mahogany doors, this pair labeled the Chrystal Restaurant, and seems accessible to any who might gain entrance to the Club and wish to visit.

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Elevator The passenger elevators of the Avalon building are just as sumptuous and luxurious as the rest of the building, a clear continuing statement of only the best and the finest. The floor is covered in deep grey plush pile carpeting, the walls done in deep roan panels with gleaming brass appointments and joins. The ceiling has soft recessed lighting in place and more of the deep roan paneling. There are three rows of eleven buttons on the brass panel beside the doors, each with a number between 02 and 29, with designation PH at the topmost position, CNC in position 01, and P1, P2, and P3 indicating levels lower than the ground, likely access to underground parking levels. Also within that brass panel is an unobtrusive slot for keycard access and a small numeric keypad for keycode entry. Several of the levels in the building only open if one has both an authorized keycard and the code of the week. e
Employee Offices XXX e,15
Penthouse The Penthouse of the Avalon Tower is a multi-storied affair, in truth a spacious three-floor townhouse that rests at the top of this thirty-story skyscraper in the middle of Midtown Manhattan on Park Avenue. This palatial domain is the crowning glory of a truly special landmark within the City That Never Sleeps, and is a gleaming jewel in the crown of this impressive empire. Yet while the Penthouse itself would stunning on it's own, even that is taken to a whole new level when it is surrounded by the Forest of Avalon, the glass-enclosed nature preserve that takes up more than half the space of the skyscraper's surface. The windows on the lowest floor of the Penthouse look out at ground level into the Forest, exploring it's paths and inset gardens of natural beauty, while the windows of the second floor look out into the rich canopy of the Forest to glimpse the City beyond and the natural wonders below. The windows and skylights of the third floor in the Penthouse look out above the Forest with an unimpeded view of the City and it's skyline as it surrounds the Avalon Tower, and one can truly get a sense of the grandeur and power of this place amongst the heavens, this miracle on Earth. e,ph
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