Cheshire Cat

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Hardwood floors and walls ordain an otherwise underdecorated bar-room. No flashing neon Budweiser signs here; there's a dartboard and pooltable in the back, round wooden tables and chairs are set around almost scattershot in the room, and a simple English (white with red cross) flag hangs opposite the bar. All in all, your average English pub.
The cherry wood bar has seen better days, but care has been taken to keep the wood polished and nick-free. Behind the bar is the standard rack of alcholic beverages. The select appears rather random; there's the well drinks that you'll find everywhere, but mixed in with the bottles, some very expensive ones stand out. Two mirrors are behind the bar, standing to each side of the liquor selection. Finally, a 24" TV hangs from the ceiling for the bartender's use.
Small washrooms lie in the back of the room, near a staircase leading upwards. Behind the bar is a large metal vault door, sticking out in the warmer wood room.

Locations within

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Cheshire Cat - Cellar It's all too apparent that this isn't your average wine celler. In fact, there's not all that much wine down here to begin with. A corner of the room has liquor boxes. The other corner has a number of wooden crates, straw hanging out from them. Unpacked on top of some boxes and on a table nearby can only be described as a small arsenal. Pistols, rifles, machine guns, explosives, grenades… they're neatly sorted at least. In the last corner of the room is a makeshift bedroom: a small cot, a dresser, a small mirror and some other personal items. C
Cheshire Cat - Upstairs The apartment is small, but decent. The walls are an off-white color, there is absolutely nothing decorating them. There is an electric stove on one wall, a small closet, a sectioned off space for the bathroom, and a bed…which is actually just a mattress on the floor. The only window is actually the fire escape, which isn't covered by any curtains or blinds. U
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