Chateau Noir

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Luxury swims in dark hues within this lobby - each corner a place of both shadow and decadence. Elegant, gothic-styled windows etch long and tall, peaking towards the ceiling in their niches within ebon walls, their glass a myriad of rich stained colours. Sconces of sheltered flame sit on either side of the oaken door; the floor padded with a carpet of rich burgundy. Beyond the plush black leather couches and petite coffee tables is an elevator, leading likely to further hedonism.

Locations within

Local name Description Nav Command
Fendere's Apartment The oak door opens into a open plan apartment with a Mahogany benchtop kitchen taking up the central space, in front of it there are several lounge chairs and maching white cotton couches. To the left is a single bedroom that is notably unadorned and to the right is a palacial bathroom and a study. apt 11
Aurora's Apartment XXX apt 31
Angel's Apartment Warren's apartment is as unpretentious as Warren is, when in his preferred company. The apartment is large, with an open floorplan and wood floors with colorful rugs scattered here and there. The walls are painted a warm beige. The kitchen is seperated from the rest of the apartment by a low wall, part of which has been fitted out as a bar, complete with stools (and drinks under the counter). The appliances are all top-of-the-line brushed steel. The countertops are a dark gray marble, and the cabinets are a rich mahogany color. The living room area takes up three quarters of the first floor of the apartment, and almost the entirety of one wall is nothing but windows, giving a delightful panoramic view of the New York City skyline. The windows are bracketed by heavy dark tan drapes. A big, overstuffed leather couch, chair, and ottoman form a rough square with one of the window-less walls, where a large flat-screen TV resides. A state of the art stereo system is parked in the corner nearest the bar. There is a small closet near the door into the apartment. A bathroom sits against the other non-window wall, its decor done in shades of blue. There is a huge sunken tub that could probably hold three people, and a seperate large shower. A double sink with a blueish-marble countertop, a good-sized closet, and the toilet are also in evidence. Also on the non-window wall are the stairs that lead up to Warren's bedroom, and a bookcase that sits against the bathroom wall, loaded down with all manner of books. There a king-sized bed with a dark blue bedspread. The wall of windows on one side is bracketed by drapes the same shade, and the walls are painted a very pale blue. One entire wall of the bedroom is taken up by a massive closet, and other than the bed and a mahogany bedside table (with a plain lamp perched atop it), there is no furniture in the room. Throughout the apartment there are paintings on the walls, all of them pastoral scenes of one kind or another. apt 32
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