Chase Stein AKA Talkback
Chase Stein
Played By
Codename Talkback
Age 17
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliation The Runaways, Xavier's
Short Powers Fistigons, latent super-intelligence or technopathy
Offsite Logs

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A somewhat tall lanky boy in his late teens, Chase looks pretty much like you're average rich high school pretty-boy - that is, until you catch sight of his sky blue eyes, in which a certain hidden intelligence seems to linger… perhaps a glint of mischief. A mop of somewhat unruly blond hair hangs off his head, often getting in his eyes. His facial features, while nothing to write home about, make him fairly handsome. Though physically fit, his body is rather thin, lacking any particularly bulky muscles.

Despite his 'rich kid' looks, his clothes are pretty typical of your average teenager… a little on the shabby side, actually. Though that may be out of choice more than anything else - he wears a black t-shirt with the faded logo of some forgotten punk band emblazoned across the chest; over that a green jacket made out of heavy cloth that looks to be army surplus. Matching green pants laden with cargo pockets cover his legs, and a pair of tattered looking black skater shoes complete the ensemble.


Chase's main powers revolve around his Fistigons, which generate and control lightning at variable levels of density, from 'stun' to 'kill.' He also seems to have some latent super-intelligence or technopathy inherited from his mad scientist parents, which surfaces from time to time.


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