Sarah Obenhouse AKA Canvas
Sarah Obenhouse
Portrayed By Pink
Gender/Species Female/Mutant
Date of Birth April 15th, 1990
Age 17
Aliases Canvas
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Known Relatives Leo Obenhouse (Father), Elizabeth Obenhouse (Mother)
Significant Others Thomas Shepherd, Alyssa Carter
Known Abilities Ink Manipulation
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Sarah was born in 1989, in Addison, New York. Addison being a town of barely 2,000 people, it didn't take long for Sarah to become known as a tomboy when she was older, much preferring playing sports than to playing with dolls.

Sarah has no siblings, or grandparents. Both of her parents were only children, so it's really only the three of them. Elizabeth and Leo Obenhouse became pregnant with Sarah only a few years after they had married. Both had good enough jobs to support all three of them, and had no desire to have any more children after Sarah was born.

Growing up was a normal experience for Sarah with lots of love and devotion and a normal amount of neighborhood friends and normal happenings at school (ignoring the fact that she skipped first grade.) Not many big things happened in her life, except two or three, the first occurrence happening when she was nine.

While at a friend's pool party, she slid down the water slide in too much of a hurry when the party's lone chaperone announced that cake was being served. On the way down, she hit her head on the edge of the concrete pool, knocking her unconscious. The chaperone of the party was too busy herding the other kid's inside to notice, and by the time anyone had begun to realize the young girl was missing, the pool water had already become tinged pink with her blood.

When paramedics arrived, a next door neighbor had already been delivering CPR to Sarah with no success, but finally succeeded with things were looking their most grim.

Because of this, Sarah decided on a very deep revelation for such a young girl and vowed to live each day to the fullest because 'tomorrow she might be dead.' Since then, she's still afraid of bodies of water, and can only take showers.

The next major event was her discovery of her powers at age 14. Her first tattoo (a lily on the back of her shoulder) as a birthday present literally sprouted from her shoulder and fell to the floor where it quickly wilted. This was brought on by a burst of frustration at the fact that her old computer had once again crashed on her.

It didn't take her long to realize what had happened, and experimented by drawing a squiggle on her arm and making it squirm across her desk. The experiment though took up too much energy, causing her to blackout for a few seconds.

She lived with her mutation with no problems for about a year before any burst of emotion had her than various tattoos coming to life. Shortly after these uncontrollable bursts began happening, both Sarah and her parents agreed to let Sarah live in New York City with a cousin, where hopefully she'd be able to find help to control her powers.

About a year after this, Sarah was brought to Xavier's, where she quickly became a student and easily joined in with the population. She stayed at the school for more than a year, reaching a few new levels in her powers, before disagreement with the staff of the school caused her to leave the school and return to the City.


Sarah can, in simple terms, bring whatever ink she touches to life. So far, this includes her own tattoos, other people tattoos, and simple drawings on paper. However the images are drawn, this is how they will appear in real life. This is probably the reason that Sarah's tattoos look as close to the real things as they possibly can.

The ink she brings to life can have a mind of it's own, depending on what it is. Say, if she brought tattoo of a dog to life, it would act like a dog. However, if she made a rose, the rose would not have any mind of it's own. As such, the ink she makes can always hurt people. They are in every way like their real life counterparts, save for the fact that they would 'bleed' ink instead of blood, juice, etc.

Also, if the things she creates get injured, then where they can from will have the same injury in a scale ratio. Say, if a tattoo of hers was injured when out, the injury would transfer over to Sarah where the tattoo usually would be. Or, if she brought a drawing of a rose into existence, the paper the rose was on would be shredded if the rose was.

Each creation has a time limit that is slowly growing over time. At the moment, they can stay in existence for a little over two hours before fading and reappearing on whatever surface they had been on. If the tattoos are Sarah's she can also absorb them back into their original forms, though she hasn't learned how to yet do this with other things.

Eventually, with training, her powers will grow even larger, moving from tattoos and drawings to include paintings and photographs.



Name Ring Tone
Aly Where Ever You Will Go - The Calling
Tommy The Dolphin's Cry - Live
Jax Calling All Angels - Train
Andy crushcrushcrush - Paramore
Mom Don't Tell Mama - Cabaret
Dad The Reason - Hoobastank


  • "Oh, please, there was a point in time where I would have let Jackson eat one of my /legs/ if he had asked.
  • "…And leave Tommy and Daddy in the same room? /Alone?/ Mom, that's how bad things like alien invasions start."


  • Has been getting tattoos since the age of 14. For a list of everything she has so far, click here.
  • Hopes to one day open her own restaurant.
  • Even though she tells nobody, she does imagine what her wedding would be like. The reason she doesn't tell anybody is that she always sees herself getting married to only one of her significant others, and not both.
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