Bridget Marissa Mendel
Played By Naomi Watts (live version) / Kyoko Mogami (comic version)
Codename MUTE
Birthdate 1982
Year of Death 2011
Age 28
Birthplace Athens, Georgia
Alignment Neutral with Good Tendencies
Affiliation Empire State University, NYFD, and S.H.I.E.L.D.
Occupation Intel / Recon for S.H.I.E.L.D.
Public Occupation Researcher for U.N. / Part time Paramedic
Short Powers Super physical and mental memory
Offsite Logs Livejournal

Since having the availabilty of the MUTE suit (MAv3PE unit), Bridget has found herself being out and about even more, whether it be roof hopping as MUTE or walking the streets to her jobs, or hangouts. She tends to hang around Clinton a lot. She tends to be quite friendly unless given reason not to be.

Known as a respected researcher with a focus in robotics for the assistance of the handicapped. Often acts as a guest lecturer for those who wish to to pay for her time. Part time Paramedic for NYFD and 'analyst' for the United Nations.

Bridget's research results


At 5'8", Bridget would be considered slightly above average in height by normal standards. However, being that this is marvelverse where normalcy is abnormalcy, her height doesn't mean anything other than it's easy for her to go into rooms with 6 ft doorways. To add to the ability of managing doorways, she is of a rather, lean, but physically capable build.


Super memory: Physical and Mental

She has the ability to memorize anything she reads or observes the first time being exposed to it as well as apply the newfound knowledge in real life. Want her to program something? Give her a printout of the computer's code library on the desired programming language to read and by the end of the day you should have the program you desire. Want her to learn morse code?… no problem… she read through a book on that a few years ago for the heck of it. Want her to perform neurosurgury? Well… um… if you have no access to a real neurosurgeon… she’ll do. You just won’t have that cutesy little degree to look at for reassurance.

The ability gives her the knowledge of how to do things and can point her in the right direction… however there are certain things that you can't do just by observing it. She may be able to mimic the moves of martial artists (if she took the time to observe them), but without practice, she won’t have the strength to back up such moves. (Don’t expect her to be throwing people from the get go)

Movement and thought can be learned quickly, Gaining strength to be effective is another matter.

MUTE suit (MAv3PE)

An adaptation of the projectMA research project she did with New York University. It is a suit which provides the following: vertical jump 10 feet from standing position; lifting of 1,850 lbs; counts as Type IIIA body armor; removable lining for washing. (Yay! No stink!); additional manuverability; designed to work only for Mute.


Finances, Computers, Forgeries, Speedreading, Cooking,
Languages: English, Spanish, German, Latin, Russian, Greek, Italian, French
Fighting Capabilities: Tumbling, Hitting vulnerable spots, breaking basic holds and turning them on the attacker, marksmanship, sneak attacks, A mixture of other fighting styles.


Bridget comes from a very smart family. VERY smart. Education is their legacy and they take the matter very seriously. She grew up in what other kids would call, deprived. There was only one TV and it had no cable. (Oh the HORROR!) Game Systems? HAH! No. The only source of entertainment were the educational toys and family board games they had each night. If she didn’t wish to do that, her other options were to study, read, play outdoors, cook, or sleep. She played outdoors a lot with her friends. But as they grew older, her friends spent less and less time outside as they entertained themselves with game systems or were busy trying to tackle the growing amount of homework the schools assigned them. As a result, Bridget resorted to confinement as well. Spending her free time reading. With the ease of learning, she could finish her homework quickly which lead to a lot of free time.

Due to her ability, she excelled in her classes with little effort. She ended up taking the full assortment of AP courses offered at her high school and earned several academic scholarships as well as membership in several of her school’s honor societies. Eventually she went to New York University. She has earned degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, Science, and Education. (Overachievement much?) She is still in college furthering her education in the Computer Science area with a large focus on robotic programming in general.

Along with the helping with the instruction of incoming computer science students, she is also working as a part time New York City Paramedic. This she considers her hobby and during the lulls in her job she can be seen writing random blurbs of code down on a small notebook she keeps with her.

Her family is alive and well with the exception of her father who passed away from complications of open heart surgery. She is an only child which leaves just her mom to keep in contact with. Her mom is still living in Georgia

IC Occurrences (MMD age):

If I was descriptive with everything that's happened to her in character, this would be a VERY long character page. So, I think I'll do a more simplistic setup to explain the highlights. For the sake of FC players who may not wish to be held to the history of past FC players. FC names have been commented out and replaced with 'Little Timmy'. (Apparently this is one OC you don't want to mess around with)

July 2006
- Project HAAI initiated by NYU with an online log maintained on the project for interested parties to follow along with project progress
- Little Timmy breaks into lab Bridget is working in, asks questions about project and leaves. NYU milks incident for all it's worth to drive up support for project
- Meets and starts dating Alistair, a charming musician… and vampire.
August 2006
- Attacked by a 'dark dimension prince', Alistair to the rescue, Bridget ends up in hospital with a concussion. Due to odd test results on brain patterns, Bridget allows a testing for mutancy to help explain the abnormalities of the mental testing. Mutancy testing confirms status as mutant.
- wealthy intruder breaks into lab Bridget is in, wishes to steal things, Police show up, intruder rips door off hinges and runs off. Bridget has VERY good view of the face.
- trapped undeground with Alistair and others when subway collapses after earthquake. Mol-oids show up and promptly have rear-ends kicked
- Attacked by 'dark dimension prince' as Bridget leaves the school of engineering with Alistair. Abducted, rescued by Alistair and brought to hospital with wounds in the wrists and ankles. Healed by an angel named Mercy the next day.
September 2006
- Shift partner stabbed, Bridget moved back to bike duty
- Abducted by one Devon Callison (posessed by Zachery) and delivered to 'dark dimension prince' promptly returned next day
- Family of Devon Callison file a lawsuit against Bridget and NYU for use of 'excessive force' while defending herself. Lawsuit thrown out with the help of lawyers lent to Bridget by Little Timmy
- Police officer, assigned to keep an eye on Bridget is shot and killed.
- Little Timmy attempt to take over Grand Central Station thwarted by Bridget, Gabriel, Vincent, and Da'lia
- Bridget ends up hospitalized on same day of Little Timmy attack after an appointment over at Osborne industries
- Bridget abducted along with Yoruko and Vincent and kept in an illegal research facility in New Jersey
October 2006
- Bridget, Yoruko, and Vincent rescued from illegal research facility in New Jersey
- Bridget goes to a shooting range to blow off some steam. Ends up getting a job offer from Little Timmy, politely declines.
- Little Timmy attempts to blow up lab by throwing pumpkin bomb in through window, bomb is batted right back out, Little Timmy shows up.
- Little Timmy breaks into Bridget's lab and in the fight with Little Timmy resulting in the death of Bridget's research partner.
- Bridget gets death threat from Little Timmy at the apartment Halloween party.
November 2006
- Bridget's given the choice of hiding out in two locations, Vincent and Gabriel's place a run down office building near Times Square and Alistair's place, the Ziggurat, a virtual fortress guarded by vampiric shock troops. She goes with the run down office building.
- provides consultation to local police forces during a Little Timmy attack. No Spider-man was needed.
- Little Timmy breaks into Bridget's apartment, gets in a conflict with Vincent, gets webbed by Little Timmy, and kills two cops in his escape
- Bridget's research is moved to an available lab at Blackwater Technologies due to safety concerns, NYU politics start hurrying her course requirements to rush her exit from the university.
December 2006
- Bridget is informed by Alistair that Little Timmy will NOT be giving her problems anymore.
- Bridget moves to Clinton
January 2007
- MA v2 PE unit (MUTE suit) is made
- Bridget meets Psyche and has a fight with the Oz personality
- Develops special suit for Calie based from specs given.
March 2007
- Bridget vacations in Germany
April 2007
- Bridget goes on excavation trip with Valmont and Mariska. Ninja ass is kicked.
June 2007
- Bridget finds out Oz has a body now, offers to set up his existence on paper and in databases to keep his 'debt' to Little Timmy low.
July 2007
- Survives club bombing
- Alistair breaks up with Bridget due to safety concerns
- Oz starts dating Bridget
August 2007
- Harlem riot destroys yet another of Bridget's dispatch bikes
September 2007
- Little Timmy attacks Club Wannabe, MUTE interferes, well ain't that a kick in the head?
- Bridget finds out Sunset has a body now, offers to set up her existence on paper and in databases because she already did it for Oz so why not?
October 2007
- Bridget is recruited in as an outsourced employee of S.H.I.E.L.D. with a cover job with the United Nations
January 2008
- Mistaken for a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent by Little Timmy. After a conversation with the master of magnetism, now has an invitation to come to Harlem when she wants
- Used as a rolodex to find a guy who can deal with zombies
- Bridget's apartment is broken into
February 2008
- Charity function Bridget is attending is attacked by Little Timmy and Little Timmy. Bridget catches a flying rich guy.
March 2008
- MUTE saves a Tony Stark from a mugging
- MUTE relocated to SHIELD Helicarrier as a precaution during the city's evacuation due to alien invasion
- develops the MAVE unit, a device that speaks the wearer's thoughts
- After evacuation order is lifted, Bridget returns to Hell's Kitchen and runs into Johner, gets shot in the back by a sniper in a botched robbery escape. Armor stops bullet but MA v2 PE unit is damaged.
- Bridget learns to shoot a sniper rifle.
April 2008
- Bridget relocated to SHIELD research facility alongside of Stan Smith to determine a means to attack the remaining alien ships .
- Bridget and Oz break up
- 28th: Bridget is hired by Stark Industries
-7th: After being stabbed in a bar fight, Oz dies in Bridget's arms.
- Project PS is born
- MA v3 PE unit created
- Bridget heads to Italy on a lengthy 'research' trip.

IC Occurrences (HoNY age):

Some point in 2011 - Saved busload of nuns from a runaway truck filled with devil's food cake (seriously). Died from injuries sustained during the accident.

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