Character Application

To apply for a character, fill out the following fields and send this form to moc.liamg|seorehmm#moc.liamg|seorehmm. Please note in the subject line whether you are applying for an FC or OC.

OOC Information

Real Name: (Or some frequently-used moniker.)
Birthday: (Or, generally, how old you are.)
Location: (Country? Timezone?)
Email: (This field, we have to have, if you want a reply.)
Alts: (Do you play anyone else on here?)

IC Information


For the following fields, write as much (or as little) as you need to. There is neither a set minimum nor maximum (though it's a good idea to err on the side of too much info).

( What is your character's history like? Did they have a solid family? A dysfunctional one? No family? What events, major or minor, have made them into who they are today? )

( Who is your character? What do they like? Dislike? Fear? Do they get along well with other people? Avoid other people? Just hang around the ones they can manipulate? )

( This field covers innate abilities, whether they are a 'power' per se or not. Please include both what your character can do now and what they may gain in the future. Even if they never make it to that point, talk about their potential. Also, make sure you have limitations and/or flaws of some sort; don't just explain what they can do, but also what they cannot. )

( Languages? Martial arts? Carpentry? Teaching? What abilities has your character learned? )

( Ok, so you've got powers and skills, but almost everyone also has some shortcomings or weaknesses. Do they look like a freak? Are they a raving lunatic? Bad at math? )

( Is your character rich? Poor? Do they have a lot of contacts on the street, in the government, or just around the college campus? Do they own something that most people don't have? )

( Is your character classically 'good'? Evil? Self-absorbed? Neutral? Undeclared? Of some other alignment? )

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