West 46th Street Apartments

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As you walk through the double glass doors on the outside, you see a simple desk across the way, where an attendant watches those coming in and leaving. To the left you see an elevator that will take you to the apartments on the upper floors, beside that you see a stairwell incase the elevator is out of use. The floor is covered with a light blue carpeting and the place is kept clean and orderly.

Locations within

Local name Description Nav Command
Bridget - Main Room The decor is minimal. Other than the needed furniture and accessories in the rooms, there is little in the form of distraction except for the laptop in the living room area resting on a worn looking, second hand desk. Scattered about the empty spaces of wall are pictures of family as well as one group photo of EMTs and Paramedics standing in front of a few New York Ambulances. There is a bullet hole in the picture right where Bridget's face is. There is a heavy set curtain set up for the window of this room. apt 13
Bridget - Bedroom Following with the minimalist setup, there is a single full size bed with a few random blankets scattered on the top of the mattress, a side 'table' with a lamp, and a single closet. Near the bed rests an AiBO still in it's charger, its back light still set on blue as it continues to look around its master's resting place. Near the AiBO is a small basket holding enough AiBO accessories for three AiBOs. The light in the room comes from a solitary lamp as the heavy set curtain on the window blocks out all sunlight in that room. apt 13, b
Bridget - Kitchen A stove, a microwave, a fridge, sink and cabinets. What else more is there to say? It is a kitchen in function, appearance, and even smell. The only factor that stands out is the smell of warm vanilla. (Thank you plug in air fresheners.) Also resting on a table that probably came with the apartment is a box of electronic parts as well as tools to work with the parts. A small window lets light into the eating area, or it would if it wasn't for the heavy curtain hung in front of it. apt 13, k
Kate Not as tidy as it should be. apt 15
Matt The appartment of Matthew Murdock is decorated in a contemporary style, the mian color being maroon. The apartment is a spacious one, a stereo system with speakers throughout the floor. Most everything is marked in Braille, no need for letters to inform what is what. The living room is not so large, a TV and the entertainment center are there, and a love seat. The Master bedroom is quite large, but those visiting would not see this room unless Matt is with them. apt 16
Keith XXX apt 21
Silence Silence's apartment has battered carpeting of a verrigated indeterminant shade that might be brown, or gray, or blue. In the main room are a decent tv, a coffee table, and a comfy, abused couch that probably was got second or third hand. The only thing nice in the room is the locked guncabinet bearing several rifles and pistols. To one side of the main room is a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a door that probably leads to a bedroom. apt 22
Blythe XXX apt 24
Rine It appears in her hastyness from sleep depravation, Rine has confiscated a poor couple's dwelling as her own homestead or hide out, what ever you choose to call it. She seams to have gone slightly more nuts than her normal self, and has done some decorating. The Kitchen still has hints of it being an off white color, but has sheets of paper, and splashes of paint on the ceilings, floors, and walls. The Living room is the same, as is everyother room. There are no books or any form of contact with the outside world minus a cracked window in the living room, and the door. The front door on the inside has a large X on in it in white paint, as if a warning. apt 25
Lachlan While not the tidiest of apartments, this one bears signs of obvious attempts to keep things clean and orderly. At various times of the week, clothes are strewn about and piled neatly on the furniture or in baskets, but the more embarrassing articles are always kept well out of view. Most of these clothes are Lachlan's, though the ones in baskets are sometimes the property of his sister, Megan. The apartment itself is one of the roomier ones in West 46th, with a large pair of securely locked windows staring out into Hell's Kitchen from the height of the apartment building's third floor. Admittedly, it's not much of a view. The floor is laid with hardwood and a rug or two in the more high-traffic areas—the run of floor leading into the average but functional kitchen, the spot on the floor surrounded by most of the furniture. The furniture itself is rather plain: an overstuffed recliner and a pillow-cushioned loveseat, both of matching dark, patternless mahogany upholstery. Both pieces are angled to face the mid-sized flatscreen TV that looks like it was either bought secondhand or has seen a great deal of use. An end table sits on either side of the couch, each with a small reading lamp on it, the second of which is within easy reach of the recliner. Two doors in this apartment lead off to the bedrooms of its occupants. Megan's room is always closed, while Lachlan's door remains open when he is not inside. The room beyond is surprisingly uncluttered, though clothes and various other items do take up some empty space here and there. The kitchen is a very simple affair and is more an attachment of the living room with a counter to separate the two. It is the neatest room in the house, kept spotless, save for the occasional bits of scattered dog food around the two large metal food bowls that sit in one corner. apt 31
Shiloh A small, sparsely furnished efficiency. apt 32
Kilian XXX apt 33
Fiona XXX apt 34
Cody Cody's apartment in the 'Kitchen is not a home. It's small, with a living room meshing into a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a bedroom. It has dark green-carpeted floors, white painted walls, and the walls are decorated with poster-sized photographs of various images from the badlands, and a small Tohono O'odham nation flag. On a shelf rest a few small hand-made baskets, a coyote skull, and a wood rasp. There is an old photograph of Cody's Tohono O'odham grandparents at a San Xavier Reservation, with a 3-year-old Cody; everyone smiling. There's an entertainment center with a large HD TV with satellite service, surround sound and DVD-r, along with a setup for a laptop, which may or may not be present. Furnishings include an oak coffee table bearing an ashtray, a leather couch that looks like this isn't its first home, and a locked gun cabinet. apt 35
Kalindi Kalindi's apartment is very well taken care of, since at any given time, one or two servants of Umba mill around cleaning up after the girl. They look like nothing more than normal servents, although it's a bit curious that someone with servents would live in an apartment. Even more odd about the situation is that there isn't much furniture: There's a chair that sits next to a computer, which hums from being almost always on. Aside from this, and a shelf that holds toys that she wasn't able to get a hold of in the Darkforce Dimension (from action figures of famous heroes and villains to 'My little ponies', the toys are very varied in style), her livingroom is pretty bare. Her kitchen, however, is quite the opposite. Looking through the glass cupboard doors, one would be able to see all sorts of cooking implements. All of the appliances seem to be state of the art, and someone probably couldn't name a cooking utensil that isn't there. It seems that the people in this apartment take meals pretty seriously. apt 36
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