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The main room of Antigone Oils looks like many high scale boutiques might, comfortable seating, helpful staff ready to get the customers whatever they need, even if it isn't to do with what they actually sell here. The one thing that's different is the plants. The room itself is decorated in greens and browns, but there is also a number of highly exotic plants, most that no one would ever recognize. Also, the scent in the room is light and pleasant, almost unnoticeable, but patrons will find themselves at ease in this room, and eager to stick around. So come in, take a seat and sample the many perfumes we have available. We aim to please.

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AO - Back Room The backroom of Antigone Oils holds the equipment for gathering, holding and mixing ingredients, along with the actual plants themselves. In a sort of mini-indoor greenhouse, a plethora of plants are being grown and harvested. Employees are trusted to oversee the gathering and do the majority of the mixing, but there seems to be a section set aside just for Ms. Overstreet herself to use, for mixing those oh-so-special blends that made her shop famous in the first place. The whole room is dimly lit by lights hanging over the workstations, and the light from the greenhouse, of course. b
AO - Upstairs Apartment The upper level of Antigone Oils is reserved for Ms. Overstreet's use only, as her living quarters. The room you stand in is open, and well lit through a skylight and a pair of doors, which are completely glass, that lead to the balcony. There is a comfy, large, 'L' couch in one corner, with a long, oak coffee table in front of it. A number of potted plants decorate the room and give it a pleasant, homey feeling. Off to one side is the door to the bedroom and rest room, and on another is the doorway to the kitchen. b,u
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