Victor Borkowski AKA Anole
Victor Borkowski
Played By
Codename Anole
Birthdate December 17, 1991
Age 16
Alignment Good
Short Powers Camoflauge, wallcrawling, enhanced agility/speed/balance/coordination/reflexes, prehensile tongue, green skin, spiked carapace
Offsite Logs

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The most easily noticeable thing about this boy is his reptilian features: green skin and a spiked carapace atop his head where hair should be. His frame is small, his height average; his slight build often made to seem even smaller by the baggy clothing he typically wears..


Anole is very noticeably a mutant, being rather reptilian in appearance. His mutation gives him green skin and a spiked, hard carapace on top of his head in place of hair, which makes it somewhat impossible for him to blend in among normal people. Ironic, since his mutation also allows him to blend in with his environment, letting his skin and clothes camouflauge in perfectly with whatever is around him. Additionally, Anole has enhanced agility and can cling to solid surfaces, allowing him to climb and scale things like walls with ease. He also has a sticky, strong, long prehensile tongue that can be used to grab and hold.


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