Anna Black AKA Fire Hazard
Anna Black
Played By
Codename Fire Hazard
Birthdate July 4, 1988
Age 18
Birthplace Tuscon, Arizona
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants
Short Powers Pyrokinesis, thermokinesis, & thermal sense
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Torque stands a full 5'3" in height, not very large at all. Long crimson hair spills down around her face, obscuring it slightly at times. The wavy mane continues in down to about the small of her back, parted down the middle. Two vivid dark green eyes peer out at the world with a slight glint of mischief - a spirited one, this girl is. Her features are somewhat average in a beautiful sort of way - there's no one particular thing that stands out, rather, it's the whole that matters. Her skin is pale like ivory, free of blemishes, and magnifies the red coloring of her lips, also matching with her pearly white teeth when she smiles.
Her clothing indicates she's something of a tom-boy - well worn black hip-hugger jeans, a black baby-tee over that which reveals a bit of midriff, and the girl's wiry, lean form. The kind you get from doing physical work and walking a lot. She wears a black denim jacket with silver colored snaps and zippers over that. Her feet are covered in heavy (you guessed it) black work boots with silver eyelets and hooks. Again, well worn, well used… But kept pretty clean. Overall a decent, functional outfit.——


-Limits and Strengths-

Torque's power works by using psionic energy to vibrate individual molecules, thus creating heat. Likewise, she can remove energy to a certain degree. She uses this power to create fire or to heat things up without causing combustion.

Torque's pyrokinesis has a max range of a little over 500 yards, or exactly 500 meters, in a radius around her.

The maximum temperature she can produce has not been measured ICly - but she ranks up there with some of the best pyrokineticists in that category. She can melt or burn most materials (some requiring a lot more effort than others), except for carbonadium, adamantium, vibranium, or items that have been magically guarded against such things.

Torque may cool objects down to about room temperature. 75 degrees fahrenheit (23.9 degrees celsius).

-Auxillary Abilities-

Torque has the ability to sense heat sources around her, similar to thermal vision. However this is not a /visual/ phenomena - if anything it's 'felt.'


Torque is easily chilled and begins to succumb to hypothermia at approximately 20 degrees fahrenheit (11.1 degrees celsius) higher temperatures than the average human being.

Ice (frozen water, or anything of around the same temperature) is painful to the touch, in varying degrees depending upon amounts and temperature of the ice.

Torque must consume approximately two to three times the normal amount of water in order to keep from dehydration.


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