Angelika Bennett
Portrayed By Keira Knightley
Gender/Species Female Mutant
Date of Birth July 18th, 1986
Age 21
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Retail
Known Relatives Jerry Bennett (father), Rexine Bennett (mother), Sunset Rains (Surrogate sister), Oz Delaney (Surrogate brother)
Known Abilities Advanced Sight/Reflexes/Strength
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Born in 1985 in San Francisco, Angelika lived on the San Francisco Peninsula until 1989 when her house was destroyed by the Loma Prieta Earthquake. Even though her parents tried to get her out of the house, Angelika became trapped in a small pocket surrounded by debris for 5 hours until she could be freed. This incident not only gave her claustrophobia but also was the eventual cause of her DID as well.

After this incident, her and her parents moved to Sacramento where life went on until Angelika was 11. It was at this time Sunset, Oz, and her powers manifested. At first neither Angelika nor her parents noticed anything. Until Angelika began to forget random amounts of time, and her parents noticed strange behavior. After they realized she wasn't on drugs, she was taken to a therapist, and diagnosed with DID. After this began weekly therapy sessions that went on for a few months. Eventually, Angelika talked it over with her parents, and eventually convinced them that she didn't want Sunset or Oz to go away. The therapy sessions stopped after this.

While it was a bit difficult adjusting to now having more than one person in her body and head, Angelika slowly adjusted to it, finding ways to get along with Sunset and Oz despite their differences. Most of the problems that came from adjusting, however, were from her friends and family at first acting like Angelika didn't have DID, and that Oz and Sunset weren't real.

All three of them believe that Sunset and Oz had lives before Angelika was born, and that they were all simply reborn into one body, and it took Oz and Sunset a while to wake up.

Then her powers came. Angelika began to be able to catch things without even realizing they were being thrown. Sunset could read book titles on a bookshelf from across the room. Every time Oz picked up a glass or piece of silverware it would bend or break when he got a grip on it.

While both Angelika's and Sunset's powers were easy to get control of, Oz's were another story and took him a few weeks to be able to twist a doorknob without it breaking off.

When Angelika was going into Jr. High, she chose Drama Club as her elective, and discovered she had a talent. After all, she had several different characters in her mind, which made it easier to play several different ones on stage. Sunset and Oz also picked up extracurricular electives, after much goading from Angelika to do so, so she could get more credits. Sunset chose to take Spanish class, and Oz joined the after school judo club.

Life went on until Angelika was 15 and got introduced to her new lifetime hobby: skateboarding. Weekends and afternoons that weren't spent practicing on stage, were spent anywhere with concrete, rails, bowls, and the like, learning this painful sport.

She continued through high school, focusing mainly on acting and skateboarding until she graduated, with an early acceptance to Marymount Manhattan College in New York. Her major? The Theatre Arts.

While in her junior year at Marymount, Oz took employment under Dr. Otto Octavius, who in payment made Oz a clone out of DNA taken from Oz's (actual) skeleton. Sunset transferred Oz over to the clone once it was finished with a magical procedure, leaving Sunset with his strength, and leaving Sunset Angelika's only 'alter.'

A few months later, Sunset also made a deal to get a bodt of her own. Not with otto, but a man named Timothy. The deal was simple. Sunset had to steal a book, give it to Timothy, and she would have a body. Sunset accepted, and the deal went smoothly, leaving Angelika in possession of all of her powers, and sole possession of her body.

Angelika very recently moved back to California.


Angelika's powers are advanced strength, advance eyesight, and advance reflexes. Angelika's biggest advantage with her powers is that her balance is greatly increased, something she highly enjoys considering she's a skateboarder. Along with balance, her dodging skills are also increased, along with better aim when it comes to throwing and catching objects. While she can't dodge a bullet, she can dodge pretty much anything going up to 80 miles an hour. Her aim is also well enough to hit a bullseye from 25 feet away while concentrating and throwing with something as small as a lemon, and the distance can greaten with larger things.

While not being able to read newspapers from 15 yards away, she can read fine print from around 10 feet. This also allows her to see things in much greater detail if they're up close, like the exact weave pattern on a blanket in her lap for example. This also makes her eyes more sensitive to light.

Angelika also has superstrength. While she cannot pick up cars, or destroy a building by his lonesome, she can wrench light poles out of the ground if she needs to, and can punch a hole through a brick wall. She can pick up to around 600 pounds or so (It goes down to 400 when exhausted or heavily injured) and throw whatever it is from 75 to 100 feet depending.


  • "You great… soft… sissy, girly, nancy, French, bender, Man United supporting poof!


  • Claustrophobic.
  • Is still trying to decide if she wants to be a professional skateboarder or a professional actress.
  • Thinks about if the shirts she buys will piss off people. If so, she buys it. If not, it's left at the store.
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