Warren Worthington III AKA Angel
Warren Worthington III
Played By Gabriel Aubry
Codename Angel
Birthdate Septembner 20, 1977
Age 30
Birthplace New York City
Alignment Good
Affiliation Xavier's Institute
Short Powers Winged flight
Offsite Logs LJ

Well known, rich business magnate. Recently outed as 'Angel', the winged mutant. Teacher at Xavier's and part of the X-men


Warren is six foot tall, with a lean racer's build. He carries himself with pride and dignity at all times. He has shoulder length wavy blonde hair and bright blue eyes in a sculpted, lean, masculine face. His attire is notable, in that the green shirt is made specifically to allow his wings freedom. The bottom half and front of the shirt look very much like your normal shirt, but close examination reveals that the shoulder seams are, in fact, snaps, as the back of his shirt is all but nonexistent above the waist, save for a strap that goes up between his shoulder blades (and wings). He is wearing black trousers and sturdy loafers. His wings provide a rather interesting backdrop to his body, as the large expanse of white feathers is more than a bit eye-catching. His wings also move almost constantly, twitching and rustling and shivering, frequently in response to his moods.


He has wings. He can fly!


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