Andy Grant
Andy Grant
Played By Wentworth Miller
Codename None
Birthdate May 29, 1983
Age 25
Birthplace South Bronx, New York City
Alignment Neutral
Affiliation Civilians
Short Powers None
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Andy is tall. Very tall. He's 6'7", so again, tall. And very muscular. He has a shaved head, bright blue eyes that are usually outlined in thick eyeliner.
He also has tattoos that completely cover his arms, tribal designs that trail upwards from his wrist, over his shoulders, and meet around his collarbone, where they trail down both his chest, back and sides to meet and end around his hips. Not so much sleeves as a whole tattoo shirt.
And did I mention the two barbells in each eyebrow, the three rings in his bottom lip, and the fact that his ears are stretched to guage size 00? If you're lucky, you might see the fact that his tongue is split, as well.


Born on May 29, 1983 in the South Bronx of New York City, Andy certainly was not born to the wealthiest family in the South Bronx. In fact, he was born to one of the many families relying on welfare and food stamps. However, being poor never stopped Andy from doing his best to become his own person and thriving with the life he had.

It was apparent from an early age that Andy was talented. The drawings he made on the walls of his family’s apartment with crayons were much better than anything a usual three year old could do. However, it seemed from early on that drawing and sketching were his only true skills, for in school, he only did well enough to barely pass. However, as he entered junior high and high school, another talent, though this one less desirable than his artistic skill, began to emerge.
Andy, put simply, had a talent for getting in trouble. If not getting in fights, it was mouthing off to the wrong teachers, or sometimes even simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eventually, he was expelled. Not wanting to end up like many of his peers seemed to be, stuck in the South Bronx without any seen way of escape, Andy instead went to get his GED, and trying to find a way to use his artistic talent in the real world. Eventually, he landed on becoming a tattoo artist, an idea he loved and chose instantly.

With Andy’s artistic skill, it wasn’t hard to find a place that would give him an apprenticeship. Working on both his GED and apprenticeship at the same time, while also managing to hold a job to support himself, Andy eventually graduated into the ranks of a full blown tattoo artist, before again going into education, to business school this time. While he loved the parlor he was working at, Andy still wanted to get out on his own and make a name for himself.
Eventually, he was able to, opening his own shop in Queens with the help of a few friends and bank loans at age 24. Over the following years, his business was not booming, but it was doing well enough, considering the amount of tattoo parlors there are in New York City. If anything, at least, Andy was able to make something of himself, and get out of the South Bronx like he had always promised himself that he would.

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