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Unlike the street it branches from, this alley is neither clean, well-
maintained, nor heavily traveled - by car, at any rate. The obligatory dumpster
sits against one brick wall, and various garbage clutters the rough pavement.
The buildings which loom overhead are dingy from years of smog, and haven't been
painted in a long time; most have few windows left, though shards of glass can
still be seen in some of the frames. The doorstep of one building, however,
stands out against the rest - while the building itself is nothing spectacular,
there is no garbage around the stairs, and the concrete even appears to have
been swept recently. Yet these apartments were abandoned some time ago, and now
are simply ignored by the city…

Locations within

Local name Description Nav Command
McVeigh Apartments The first floor of this apartment building is nothing more than a long hallway, with the front door at one end and a staircase at the other. The hall is poorly lit by a couple of high windows at either end; there are a few fluorescent lights in the ceiling, but it appears that none work. Door after door sit in the beige walls, their white paint flaking and littering the worn linoleum of the hall. Many have scuff marks at their bases, and for some the wood underneath shows in large splotches. But from the flickering lights visible underneath most doors, this seems to be a rather well-inhabited place… despite its state of disrepair. ma
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