Albus Corvus Fleuriste

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The Albus Corvus Fleuriste is a well-sized shop, the ringing door opening into a literal jungle of sights and smells. Plants of all colors, smells and types are all around, both exotic and common; hanging, stacked, and sitting over the place head to toe like a smaller garden of Eden. One wall houses a giant case and shelving for separate flowers, pots, bouquets, and pre-created florals; customers are given a tall chalkboard of prices beside the door for both the case and anything else right off the bat. Special prices take over where these end. The other walls are home to potted flora, vines, hangers, and all other manner of plant life otherwise. The big front window constantly has in it some sort of strange plant, meant to attract the inquisitive from a shelf under the silhouette of a white raven, wings spread beneath the name of the shop. The main counter is tucked to the far left at the back; the giant glass case inside home to bottles, herbs, and like trinkets, the shelf behind filled with the same. Perfumes, jewelry, organic medicines, et cetera. There is also often a mannequin or two dressed in handmade clothes, sometimes in the windows. To one end of the counter is a small corner with a sitting table and chairs, and this is mostly used for visitors who come for an afternoon tea.

There are another set of doors in the far wall that lead to the greenhouse; the greenhouse itself is perhaps just as big as the shopfront, if not bigger. Somehow it seems to go on quite a ways, and even down into the basement of the building. Here is kept similarly varied plants of all sizes and shapes, from vegetables, your everyday gardenflowers, fruit saplings and other young trees, all the way to exotic plants of every color, nameless constructs and project hybrids, and even some plants in the darker corners of the basement that seem to cling to the shadows.

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