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Abingdon Guest House, named for the nearby park, Abingdon Square, offers guests a warm and inviting residential ambience with all the modern conveniences. Abingdon Guest House consists of two landmarked 1850's Federal style townhouses located in Greenwich Village, one of Manhattan's most charming and historic neighborhoods, for decades the center of New York's artistic and intellectual life.

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Greg Dramatic room with queen bed, private bathroom en suite with shower/tub. Deep blue velvet drapes the windows and back wall, fireplace*, very high ceilings, two flights up on front side of building. apt 12
Akira For all it's size, the apartment is fairly sparse. Thick drapes cover the windows, straps on either side so that they can be pulled aside and fixed into place. Akira's bedroom houses a sturdy, queen sized bed, a matching dresser, a walk in closet, and a few light fixtures. A TV stand, Television, couch, and coffee table complete the living room, a roll top desk against a wall and a bookcase, filled to bursting with a variety of texts from Einstein to Sun Tzu marks his study. All the wooden fixtures in the apartment have the same dark stain. Wall furnishings are minimal, simply a traditional Japanese painting here, another there, the classic tsunami print visible behind his couch. apt 14
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